Another major milestone for Devotion Africa…

Nine Children of Devotion sat for the KCPE examinations at the beginning of November with a total of 7 papers: English Grammar, English Composition, Kiswahili Grammar, Kiswahili Composition, Math, Science, and CRE & Social Studies. During the release of the results, Devotion Africa was delighted to hear that 5 of our most ambitious students were positioned amongst the top 11 children in their school, and indeed amongst the top performers in Kenya!

More than 844,000 children undertook the exams throughout Kenya and the highest mark recorded across the country was 444 out of 500. Amid the top performers was our very own Kennedy who scored an outstanding 414 marks with straight A’s, followed closely by his desk mate Muia with 403. These boys were amongst only 8 students (out of 79) in their class who performed 400 marks and above – fantastic work boys, well done!

Akai, 7th in class and 3rd out of all girls performed brilliantly also with 393, as did Kelvin in position 10 with 387 and Munuve in position 11 with 385. With such great performance these children exceeded the school’s average performance by +10 to 30% in each subject! Next in our ‘Class of 2013’ was Saidimu with 340 marks, Mirriam with 311 and Mwongeli with 299.  This was a great performance, in line with their ability and mock exams, and we and the Head Teacher are equally pleased! The Devotion Family now eagerly awaits the announcement of the secondary school allocations, quietly confident that many will be enrolled in the top schools in Kenya

It is thanks to the ‘devotion’ of our sponsors and friends that this long awaited dream is in the midst of becoming a reality – without you, these children would never have made it this far – “asante sana rafikis!”

If you would like to become part of the Devotion Family, don’t delay – drop us a line and find out how you can help transform the lives of this enchanting group of children…From this...and now this!